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Book Jenni Fink For Your Next Event

Author and business owner, Jenni Fink, brings a plain-spoken, informal and folksy pitch to your audience in a  book-talk like no other.  Jenni engages her audience with a spirited back-and-forth about the angst of a generation of young people who graduate from college prepared for jobs that have become obsolete...who move to cities where gentrification puts housing way beyond the reach...who move back home to muster their energy for a long and protracted job search and who are coming of age in a nation changing everyday. As a writer, Jenni unmasks the hopes, fears and dreams of her class of young Americans much like the writers of "The Lost Generation," of the 1920's and the generation of writers from the Great Depression and those of WWII's "Greatest Generation."  Jenni's point is's youth have a brand all their own.  They are not like the "Beat Generation of the '50's," or the "Hippie Generation" of the '60's.  Jenni's protagonist is an archetype for a generation who needs to know "you are not alone...your doubts and fears are shared by people across the country."  In Jenni's words, we are 

"Sentenced to Life" and that is a good thing!  Jenni implores her audience to set high goals and not be stay the course and know that dreams are achieved through hard work, perseverance and 

beliefs in things greater than oneselves.


You're guaranteed to be left feeling inspired and ready to take control of your life. 


To book Jenni Fink for a speaking event please contact: 

Bob Klages

The Klages Agency, Inc.

PH: 1-410-876-6315FX:


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