Along with writing books, Jenni also works full time at Newsweek. She's written about politics, celebrities, entertainment and weather. Right now, though, she focuses mostly on college and campus culture content. Below are a few of her favorite clips. No, she doesn't care if you like them. Personal favorites aren't about other people. 

Salt Lake City Pride: Gay Byu Student Receiving 'Jesus Loves You' Button Was Monumental Moment

Ken Burns Is Trying to Save Hampshire College, a School Without Grades That Primed Him for Success

Army Veterans: Parkland School Shooting Survivors Have Heavier Burden in Road to Recovery Than Us

Is Being a Social Media Influencer Enough to Get You Into College?

Hong Kong Students Study Abroad Want to Protest: 'I Could Have Been on the Front Line' 

Should Graduate Students Be Paid LIke Employees? Students Across Campuses Push for Living Wages 

Ashton Kutcher's Childhood Jobs Enabled Him to Drop Out of School and Take a Chance on Acting 


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