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Sentenced To Life 

Sentenced To Life is a story of self-discovery, the harsh reality of life and the bright hope of dreams for the future. Chelsea Carlton spent the last four years away at college in California with dreams of becoming a hit fashion designer, catering to the urban working girl. Unfortunately without even an entry level position to call her own she’s plucked from the life she’s dreamed of and brought back down to reality.


After moving back to her small hometown in New Jersey she quickly finds out that the problems she was able to escape start to resurface once she comes back home. She hasn’t heard from Chris, the guy who broke her heart, in almost a year but within days of moving home he’s back in her life.  She should jump at the chance to be with him again but is the risk of opening up old wounds worth the price of love? After a run in with a long-lost friend the right choice becomes even less clear for Chelsea and with a looming party to celebrate her collegiate achievements she isn’t left with a lot of time to decide.

Chelsea’s life is full of uncertainty and suddenly she’s forced to confront her past and make decisions that will forever change her future. Staring down the crossroad of her life the biggest question she has to answer is, who am I?

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