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Frequently Asked Questions 


Pretty much everything you need to know. But if you still have questions after reading these, email me and I'll get them answered for you. 

How Much Of "Sentenced to Life" Is Based Off Your Personal Experiences?


Although there are similarities between the book and my own life, most of the experiences are completely fictional, my life would be much more exciting if it were all real though.


Did You Always Want To Be A Writer?

No, when I was younger I wanted to work at Shoprite because the female cashiers had long, fake nails that made a cool clicking noise and that was pretty much all I wanted out of life; long, fake nails.



Who Are Your Favorite Authors?

John Green has been my favorite author for years now. I actually have a framed poster in my room of my favorite quote from Looking For Alaska. Veronica Roth is also another one of my favorite authors, she has an unmatched way of making her characters come to life and inspire her readers. Gregory Maguire, most commonly known for the Wicked series, is another author I can read over and over again.

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